Step Into The Past

Last week I drove down to Melbourne with my partner and her daughter. We stayed one night in a town called Holbrook, on the Hume Highway, halfway between Sydney and Melbourne.We stayed at the motel that advertised biggish screen tv.

There is a second world war submarine in Holbrook. That seemed really strange but I didn't find out why it was there. There is no ocean, nor river, nearby. Just a stranded submarine and its museum - closed in the evening.
I souvenired a coaster from the Returned Servicemans League where we had dinner.

Walking back to the motel into a daylight-saving sunset we passed a house flying a revolutionary flag.
Holbrook seemed like a peaceful, historic old wool town, cut through by the highway and a ceaseless traffic of trucks. The locals are anticipating an imminent highway bypass with enthusiasm. 

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Isabel Doyle said...

Did you visit the Bakery? Their lamingtons are worth a stop even when the by-pass is finished. (I am not a share holder, promise). I wrote about driving through Holbrook on my blog Living in Exile.

Small world eh?

Best wishes Isabel