Bye for now

G O N E   R O P O

I'm going on a winter holiday
to Far North Queensland.
Back in mid-July.


New films in Sydney

There's plenty to do in Sydney right now - both the Biennale: Zones of Contact and the Sydney Film Festival are in full swing. A few friends have films screening at the Film Festival -

                Lynette Curran in Call Me Mum

Call Me Mum, a film directed by Margot Nash, is a drama constructed from interlinked monologues written by Kathleen Mary Fallon. It's the moving story of a white Australian foster mother escorting her 18 year-old Torres Strait Islander foster son to meet his birth mother who hasn't seen him since he was removed, as a toddler, by white authorities. The foster mother's racist family make a disturbing intervention.

When : Tuesday 20th June 8.45pm
Where: George Street Cinemas 2

Margot Nash

                           Kathleen Mary Fallon

Small Boxes is a film by Rene Hernandez and Kristina Ceyton. Small Boxes follows the journey of Alberto Alvarez, a 20-year old Australian Latino who lives with his mother and grandmother in the outer suburbs of Sydney. Alberto works the night shift unloading boxes of fruit and vegetable at the local produce markets. On a trip to buy his grandmother new shoes Alberto notices a 'position vacant' sign and decides to go for the job. But making a change is difficult, and for Alberto it will mean learning about his identity and finding the courage to believe in himself. Small Boxes is nominated in two categories in The Dendy Awards for Australian Short Film and will also be screening at the Melbourne International Film Festival in July.

When: Saturday 24th June 10.30a.m.
Where: State Theatre, Market Street

                Demian Iturra in Small Boxes


Jon Cattapan
Retrospective in Melbourne

The Melbourne-based painter Jon Cattapan has a retrospective exhibition covering his last 30 years of work called The Drowned World currently on at The Ian Potter Museum of Art at the University of Melbourne. Jon graciously allowed my use of his painting Case for the cover of my book Dear Deliria in early 2003. I'll be making a trip to Melbourne to see this show some time before it closes on 6th August.
For more on Jon Cattapan visit Sutton Gallery in Melbourne and Kaliman Gallery in Sydney.

                     One panel of the large triptych The Melbourne Panels, 2003
                     oil on linen, collection of the National Gallery of Victoria