I don’t usually post announcements of reviews of my own work on ‘the deletions’ but, excuse my indulgence, unusually, here’s Drinking Water in a Suburb Called Zetland: Notes on Memory and the City in Some Poems by Pam Brown by Tim Wright. Read it here in Mascara Literary Review.


the deletions goes to cockatoo island

                  Richard Grayson’s 2004 piece Messiah is somewhere inside that cliff -                    here’s the entrance
                 It's The Midnight Amblers singing a country song about Jesus on dvd.
                      Yellow singalong text obscured.
                      Are they mocking The Messiah? Yes they are.

                    ha! that was funny     sort of
                    through to more art ...

                    Stay tuned - deflated inflatable still to come -

                 it was going to be ‘a must see’-
                 Brook Andrew’s Jumping Castle War Memorial

                 after only one week (& 2 months still to go) - collapso.
                      no bouncies - under a forlorn tarpaulin

              Dale Frank’s resin paintings look comfy in this messy old turbine hall
                 (note to designers - replicate for Darling Point living room walls)

                  lights powered by…

              Cai Guo-Qiang hangs up and illuminates real cars, but it doesn’t matter

              There was much more to experience (and wonder why) on Cockatoo Island,
                  a small selection of almost perfunctory 'Asian' pieces in the main foyer
                  at the Art Gallery of NSW,
                  but, so far, the best of the Sydney Biennale art is at the MCA
                  with Art Space and the Botanic Gardens to come ...


If you're going to Darwin for the festival in August, this show will be worth visiting -