extempore 3 - edited by Miriam Zolin
includes a bonus cd of great contemporary Australian jazz players.

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When Pressed - Movement in Language is up on the web.
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               Rudi Krausmann, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney June 2009

Rudi Krausmann will be launching his new book
on Wednesday November 11th
at 6pm
Berkelouw Bookshop
70 Norton Street
Leichhardt, Sydney


new journals, online and in print and other news :

ecopetics nos 6 & 7 2006 - 2009
edited by Jonathan Skinner
Includes an Australian poetry feature edited by michael farrell.
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Kaurab no 108 2009
edited by Aryanil Mukherjee
Bilingual - Bengali & English
Includes an English language feature on collaboration
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Ekleksographia - Wave 2 2009
edited by Anny Ballardini
Translation Special
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Attention Span 2009
Steve Evans’ annual list of invited poets’ current reading
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Cordite October 2009
Prague Micro Festival Poetry Series with sound files
Australian poets Jill Jones, Philip Hammial, Michael Farrell,
Pam Brown and Louis Armand
at the Globe Bookstore, Prague on 15 April 2009.
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Just published by Pressed Wafer, Maged Zaher’s
Portrait of the Poet as an Engineer.

When I read Maged Zaher’s poetry I am always intrigued by the questions he asks and amazed by the unexpected layers and turns. Practically every line leads elsewhere. Saints, sex, pop culture, dreams, romance, information technology, religion, corporate life - Dante Alighieri and Barry White in the same poem - Karl Marx, Paris Hilton, Chairman Mao, Arthur Rimbaud and other suspects are all components of the volatile constellation that comprises these sharp and often funny poems.
As a relatively recent-arrival in USA, Maged Zaher analyses a contemporary America kind-of-with-a-’k’, applying a bright intelligence and tempering his sometimes irreverent enquiry with some subtle philosophising.

                          Maged Zaher


                               Ray Young   1951-2009

Not long after I had screened an extract from a super 8 film at an afternoon talk in July at the Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art
of myself and Micky Allan silk screen printing covers for a poetry book at the Tin Sheds in 1979, I read in a note in Art Monthly that Ray Young had died. In the film, Ray is the young man glimpsed working at the light box, answering the phone and passing a joint.

Two of Ray's friends, Michael Callaghan and Marie McMahon,
have written an obituary. You can read it here