I love the cover of hardline, a new collection of associative poems by Marty Hiatt. I have it propped on my desk - a new artwork. The seven poems in this gorgeous-looking book are good too. Some lines from the beginning of 'artists impression' -

    the cars go down the road
    concrete pours itself
    the milk is steamed
    the click of the thermostat
    a fist is broken on the skull
    storm surge subsides
    pollutants sent to angry penguins
    the magic of gravity
    and ineffectual regulation
    one of my interests is finance
    the lights keep going red
    they copy each other
    we are all wound up
    we give our trash away for free
    though 'we's a fiction to date

hardline costs only $5.50 and can be ordered from the publisher
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Streets of Papunya

Martha MacDonald Napaltjarri (foreground) & Mona Nangala
painting at Papunya Tjupi art centre, 2015. Photo by Helen Puckey.

An exhibition of contemporary painting and films from the daughters of the desert art movement, the Papunya Tula artists of the 1970s, is showing in Sydney at the University of NSW Gallery in Paddington. It is curated by Western Desert art expert Vivien Johnson, dedicated supporter and lifelong friend of the artists of Papunya. Links to earlier artists, from Albert Namatjira until today, are made via paintings and a long chart of an extensive 'family-tree'. There are also locally produced educational language booklets in Warlpiri, Luritja & English and two terrific films about the community's contemporary art projects - both painting and electronic (computer) work that's going on in the Papunya Tjupi Arts centre.

The accompanying detailed & brilliant book
chronicles Papunya's art history leading to the current 'reinvention'.
For information click here

Kalipinypa (2015) by Candy Nelson Nakamarra

Doris Bush Nungarrayi painting a version of Tjurrpinyi (Swimming at Haasts Bluff) in 2012

Blackwater (2015) by Martha McDonald Napaltjarri

Papunya (1982) by Tim Leura Tjapaltjarri (1929-84)

The exhibition is on until November 7th
For information click here.

Warumpi & Tjupi, Honey Ant hills, Papunya
Photo by Helen Puckey

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