Little Esther Books has published two new booklets (14.5x16cm). Both books designed by Ken Bolton for Feral, Boffin & Distingué of Adelaide. Ken Bolton's Four Poems is a reprint of the classic Four Poems published by Sea Cruise Books in Sydney in 1977. The cover image 'Optikon' is a detail from a painting of an aerial view of East Sydney by Michael Fitzjames.

Longtime collaborators John Jenkins and Ken Bolton have written new poems in Lucky for Some. Cover image and inside drawings by Ken Bolton.

Ken says - We wrote these poems quickly: John Jenkins arrived [in Adelaide] from Melbourne with a change of clothes, toothbrush etc - and fifteen or more ordinary envelopes, in each of which were four or five lists of phrases suitable as titles or as prompts for first lines of poetry... and so they continued and produced thirteen (lucky for some) new poems of twelve lines each.

Sydney poet, John Tranter, likes these booklets so much he has them all stitched up...to see the transformation visit his web journal.

Little Esther Books, Box 10114, Adelaide BC, South Australia 5000

            Sea Cruise Books' first edition of 'Four Poems', 1977

The second instalment of the feature I compiled for Jacket2, 'Fifty-one contemporary poets from Australia', has been published. It is ordered, in the interest of objectivity by a recently invented ‘downunder’ method — the reverse alphabet and includes work from Pete Spence, Jaya Savige, Tracy Ryan, Gig Ryan, David Prater, Peter Minter, Geraldine McKenzie, David McCooey, John Mateer, and Cameron Lowe, along with artwork by Pete Spence. Read it here.

The first instalment includes Mark Young, Tim Wright, Fiona Wright, Adrian Wiggins, Alan Wearne, Corey Wakeling, Ann Vickery, John Tranter, James Stuart and Amanda Stewart, along with artwork by Louis Armand and Paul Sloan. You can read the introduction and Part One here.

There are three further instalments to come.

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