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Followed, this coming Friday by Ann Vickery and Ali Alizadeh
launching The Political Imagination -
a special issue of 'Southerly' magazine:

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Acts is a sequence of performative, diegetic abstractions that pep up the experiential with humorous cynicism. Here are some sentient strategies for tackling a theory. Ali Alizadeh poeticizes Jacques Lacan's three interrelated levels of reality - the symbolic, the imaginary and the real. A question might be 'Is poetry a mere side-effect of philosophy?' Does Ali Alizadeh know the answer? One thing I know is that you can savour these shrewd poems without needing any Lacanian expertise. They are genuinely responsive to this erratic world and will account for it, genially, on your behalf.

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Last week, I visited Rangitoto Island, & climbed to the summit.
Photos of this young volcano can be found here

Farewell Rangitoto, Farewell Aotearoa, New Zealand