Some poems of mine are included in new editions of
                       Roger Humes’ Other Voices International Project
                       Anny Ballardini’s Poet's Corner - Fieralingue

                       And at last, and only three and a half months late,
                       Jacket Issue 36 is complete and ready to read.

                       cleaning up - from the fridge door -


Anonymous said...

I read a poem at the open mic recently at the Nightingale Lounge in New York City that I announced was incomprehensible but at least it was mellifluous. Only as I started reading it turned out not to be so mellifluous. So I started conducting in curvy wavy melliflous movements with my free right arm. How's that for improvising! (From no-account Robert Mueller.)

pb said...

Hi Robert,
Your reading sounds like fun.

Here's a stanza from the middle of my poem for Kenward Elmslie (when he was in Sydney a few years ago) called 'Rainy Day in May'

& the rain fell down,
too wet, too sombre & grey,
all afternoon
but mellifluous tenor,
you sang and read,
a Babe Rainbow
brightening the place up,
just like (we imagine) at
Touché’s Salon -
all those synaesthetic pleasures
as it turned out to be,
your saddest anniversary


pb said...

Of course the lineation doesn't hold here in bloggo message land - the poem actually floats eccentrically on the page

Anonymous said...

The lines flow like honey, but, as you suggest, they might flow even better if they floated eccentrically like bees. (The all-nameable again.)