at the Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney
Wednesday 21 May 2008 at 6.30pm

Amanda Stewart writer, poet, vocalist and sound artist
is joined by Jim Denley, one of Australia's
foremost improvisers of new music.
Performing in association with Adam Cullen’s exhibition .

Amanda Stewart's powerful and energetic performances range from more contemplative poems written for the page to those incorporating tape, abstraction and extended vocal techniques. Amanda Stewart and Jim Denley first started working together in the late 1980's. They can remember getting together in the ABC's Forbes St studios in the Cross, where Amanda worked at the time, and improvising together. This was an exhilarating time for both of them – Jim was interested in what his music instinct could learn from language and Amanda what her language instinct could learn from music. Their excitement came from the creation of, for them, new types of song - symbiotic words and music. They would go on to expand the scale in the group Machine for Making Sense which started in 1989.

7.30PM Centenary Auditorium


                                      Machine for Making Sense
                                      by Stephen Jones

The group Machine for Making Sense have been producing exploratory music and interdisciplinary work in Sydney and around the world since 1989. The group includes: Jim Denley (flutes, saxaphone and voice), Chris Mann (voice and text), Rik Rue (samples and tape), Amanda Stewart (voice and text), Stevie Wishart (violin, live electronics, hurdy-gurdy).

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