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Poetic impermanence at work :

The Australian editor of Poetry International Web, poet and founding editor of Vagabond Press, Michael Brennan has just updated the Australian component of the site, including expanded entries with poems and critical work on Gig Ryan, JS Harry, Jane Gibian and my own poetry

                                                Hi Michael

one year old today

                                                Otoliths #5 cover

The editor, MARK YOUNG, says :

It's also May Day, so arise & join in a chorus of ‘The Internationale’ with Paul Siegell, Andrew Topel, Jordan Stempleman, Ernesto Priego, Paolo Manalo, Eileen Tabios, Jeff Harrison, Katrinka Moore, Corey Mesler, Raymond Farr, Steve Rodgers, Robert Lee Brewer, Mark Cunningham, Martin Edmond, Steve Timm, James Sanders, Audacia Dangereyes, Thomas Fink, Spencer Selby, Maria Zajkowski, Richard Lopez, Marcia Arrieta, Tom Hibbard, Matina Stamatakis, Louise Landes Levi, Márton Koppány, Anny Ballardini, Jill Jones, Craig Santos Perez, mIEKAL aND, Dax Bayard-Murray, Ed Schenk, MTC Cronin, Alana Madison, Alexander Jorgensen, Andrew Taylor, Carol Novack (& Stan Crocker), Stephanie Green, Maurice Oliver, Caleb Puckett, David-Baptiste Chirot, Derek Motion, James Maughn, Michael Rothenberg, Tom Beckett, Nick Piombino & Richard Kostelanetz as they "change henceforth the old tradition".

                                                Mark Young, 2003

Blackheath Philosophy Forum
on again this coming Saturday. May 5th.

Literature as Experimental Philosophy:
George Eliot on Truth and Realism

A talk by Moira Gatens
Professor of Philosophy, University of Sydney

In our era an idea is abroad that fiction has little to do with truth, and that novelists are a species of liar. George Eliot, one of our greatest 19th Century English novelists, considered her work in fiction to be both realist and truth-seeking. In one letter she referred to her writings as a set of experiments in life. Through an examination of some of her novels, this talk will endeavour to explain what Eliot meant by ‘realism’ and what is involved in her commitment to truth. Moira Gatens will argue that Eliot’s worldview still has much to contribute to moral philosophy today.

Blackheath Public School Hall
corner Great Western Highway and Leichhardt Street,

4.00pm Saturday May 5th
$5.00 entry

coffee and cake available

pub talk after the talk

                                 Siena, 2002. Foto by Olivo Barbieri


How they co-operate or don't, how they put pressure on each other, or take turns to own the art. A forum on the different social actors and professionals in the contemporary art world, and their interdependence. The power of a work of art, the influence of critical evaluation, the role of the art market, the rhetoric of sales.

Petra Arends : Wayne Tunnicliffe : Ted Colless :
Peter Hill : John Young : Amanda Rowell :

Moderated by George Alexander : curator, writer, coordinator
Contemporary Programs, Art Gallery of NSW.

A component of An Incomplete World
Warhol, Lichtenstein, Kiki Smith, Hirst
Ruscha, Cindy Sherman, Richter
Sydney 19.5 - 29.7
Art Gallery of NSW

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