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For the Time Being: The Bootstrap Book of Poetic Journals
edited by Tyler Doherty and Tom Morgan
has just been published by Bootstrap Productions

It's a collection of the kind of poetry that records, or, at least, begins from the quotidian of place, often written in the first person and usually taking off into poetic enquiry in a consciously temporal mode. Poetry that the editors describe as 'Journal Poetry' :

It includes work from:

Bob Arnold ↔ Ken Bolton ↔ Daniel Bouchard ↔ Pam Brown
Thomas A. Clark ↔ Jack Collom ↔ William Corbett ↔ Tyler Doherty ↔ Marcella Durand ↔ Ryan Gallagher ↔Jonathan Greene ↔ Joanne Kyger ↔ Louise Landis Levi ↔ Joseph Massey ↔ Rachel McKeen ↔ Tom Morgan ↔ Hoa Nguyen ↔ Shin Yu Pai ↔ Mark Pawlak ↔ Michelle Naka Pierce ↔Stephen Ratcliffe ↔ Michael Rothenberg ↔ Andrew Schelling ↔ Joel Sloman ↔ Dale Smith ↔ Stacy Szymasek ↔ Aaron Tieger ↔ Joseph Torra

For more information and to buy a copy at US $18
contact Derek Fenner and Ryan Gallagher at bootstrapproductions@gmail.com
Bootstrap Productions

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