You are warmly invited to celebrate
two new poetry collections
from Vagabond Press


Amanda Stewart
Chris Edwards
Ken Bolton
Pam Brown

Saturday 5th December

Parkview Hotel
corner Mitchell Road & Harley Street
Alexandria, Sydney

everyone welcome

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from Vagabond Press
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How to get to Parkview Hotel
Mitchell & Harley, Alexandria
transport & map click here

About London Journal/London Poem :
London Journal / London Poem is an account of the author's thinking and seeing while on a trip to London to visit son and daughter-in-law and to travel with them and his own partner, to Berlin and Barcelona. It is an amusing calibration of self-consciousness, speculation, stereotypes and detail, reflection and discovery.

About Missing up :
These offbeat, fragmentary yet often discursive poems were written over three years up to spring 2015. In part, they epitomize the absurdities of contemporary materialism. Pam Brown's well-practised scepticism dismantles monumental intent and splices the remains into a shrewd melange of imagery and thoughtful lyric complemented by playfulness. For Pam writing poetry is a habit, a disorganised ritual. Her poetic inventories begin in everyday bricolage. Real things interrupt the poems the same way thoughts and phrases do. You know - the fridge over there, the bus stop, surf music on a radio, a raisin squashed against a floor tile - always backgrounding a connection to the 'social' as the poems make political and personal associative links. Though disquiet is present it is usually temporary - an optimistic wit plays through this idiosyncratic poetry as a kind of placebo. But, in the end, Pam Brown simply lets the language do the work.

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