From the "condensery":

Lorine Niedecker's xmas gift to a friend, Maude Hartel, in 1964, A Cooking Book is a warmhearted humorous book of short (and typically 'whittled down') poems about the uses and preparation of certain foods, especially rutabaga (known in Australia as 'swedes') and sauerkraut. With plenty of advice and anecdotes from 'Al' and various asides from the poet this is a booklet to cherish.

       But Al seems to know
     about cooking - he grew up in
     the north woods near Paul
     Bunyan and ate close to
     the soil. He reads while he eats.

       Away from the table: I eat

It's published by Bob and Susan Arnold's Longhouse in Vermont.
Visit the site here

       Liquor in food - sure,
     pour wine over cabbage and
     over almost anything.

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