Vietnamese storyteller Sheila Pham's mother

Last night, I heard six autobiographical stories at Carriageworks, Redfern. They were performed in the style of William Yang's well-known personal narratives with images. This show is well worth seeing.

The final performances are at 2pm and 7pm today. There will be a post-show talk with the directors Annette Shun Wah, William Yang & the cast members today at 3.20pm (Saturday 25th May)

From the program notes :
"Taking the audience from the conflict zones of China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea and Sri Lanka to the fraught family squabbles of suburban Australia; these candid narratives are drawn from the rich life experiences of academic and author Ien Ang; performer and writer Jenevieve Chang; filmmaker and writer Michael C.S. Park; producer and writer Sheila Pham; social worker and food writer Paul van Reyk and civil marriage celebrant Willa Zheng. The stories are told through words and rare photographs from private collections. Music by Nicholas Ng.

Stories Then & Now brings together six Asian Australians to tell personal stories from their past to unravel the threads that lead to their present day lives. Directed by the photographer and storyteller William Yang and writer Annette Shun Wah with music by composer Nicholas Ng, experience how war robs a father of his children, obliterates a young woman’s village and thwarts a young man’s aspirations. A heartbroken dancer buries her pain in burlesque; a young professional ‘outsources’ her quest for a husband; and a traveller finally embraces her cultural homeland. These stories of determination speak bravely of the challenges of finding your way in contemporary Australia."

Tickets and information here

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