Bob Arnold's southern Vermont-based press Longhouse currently has a "lost" and then found booklet by Lorine Niedecker available. It's called Homemade Poems. It's edited by John Harkey and published by 'The CUNY Poetics Document Initiative'. John Harkey says-

My zeal for textual knowledge in this case drove me to seek out Homemade Poems in the New York Public Library's Berg Collection of English and American Literature, where the book is held as part of Cid Corman's papers. Encountering the book that day — spending time reading its poems in just the form Niedecker had so deliberately inscribed and arranged then — immediately stirred in me a conviction that the textural production itself, in some form or version, deserved a much wider readership, a life outside of the archive.

You can enquire about obtaining a copy by emailing poetryATsoverDOTnet. Read further about Lorine Niedecker and view photographs and some of her rare paintings by visiting Bob Arnold's blog A Longhouse Birdhouse.

(For over forty years Longhouse has been producing poetry books, chapbooks and pamphlets by many, many poets including Carol Bergé, Gerard Malanga, Rosmarie Waldrop, Maurice Scully, Cid Corman, Joseph Massey, Janine Pommy Vega, Thomas A Clark and Tom Clark, Theodore Enslin, Ian Hamilton Finlay and so many others, and, in 2010, a pamphlet of my own poems, Sentimental).

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