Three Australian online poetry features published at once -

The Australian independent and small press network, Small Press Underground Networking Community SPUNC has published its Summer Poetry Feature in four parts. Work from twenty-six poets' books published by independent small presses represented by SPUNC, edited by Kent MacCarter.

Issue 36 of Cordite Poetry Review guest edited by Jill Jones. Visual poetry, poetry and audio files (audio & spoken word editor Emilie Zoey Baker).
This issue of Cordite makes a bow to music and the ways musicians in various modes and guises have used electric technologies to generate sound.

The first instalment of a presentation of fifty-one contemporary Australian poets in Jacket2, edited by myself.

Please visit Jacket2's gallery to view the accompanying art.

                     Paul Sloan, gouache on paper, 2011

Forty-one further poets and many more artworks to come in the J2 Australian poetry feature.
Stay posted.

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