Last night in Glebe, Sydney - a wonderful reading, hosted by Toby Fitch at Sappho's Books. The poets were Tom Lee, Astrid Lorange, Ella O'Keefe, Tim Wright & Nick Whittock, Oscar Schwartz, Michael Farrell and Duncan Hose. Here are some photos of the readers and a few of the audience.

                           Ella O'Keefe

                           Mim Chat, Astrid Lorange & Johanna Featherstone

                           Adam Lippman,Toby Fitch & Tom Lee

                           Oscar Schwartz

                           Astrid Lorange & Johanna Featherstone

                           Chris Edwards & Amanda Stewart

                     Michael Farrell, Tim Wright, Oscar Schwartz, Nick Whittock & Ella O'Keefe

                                Duncan Hose by James Abbott McNeill Whistler

                                Duncan Hose by Henri Fantin-Latour

                           Chair by Giorgio Morandi


Adam Aitken said...

Great to see some poets willing to present the experimental. Could you post a poem or two, Pam?


Adam Aitken said...

Good to see poets presenting experimental work. could you post a few examples Pam?

pb said...

Hi Adam,

I don't have copies of any of the poems and some of them were double and triple vocal pieces. I don't think anyone recorded the event. But if you buy copies of Sam Langer's 'Steamer' magazine and the other new one from Melbourne 'Rabbit' - http://jacket2.org/commentary/magazines-5
you'll find poems by most of the readers there. AmitiƩs, Pam