poetry franchise

How can we join this branch? Perhaps Australian Poetry Ltd can provide contacts with the two poets 'running' it or with the estate of Frank O'Hara (who is currently pissing himself with laughter in his grave).

Update - John Tranter has sent a note to the deletions and an evidential photo:

Actually, it's Frank O'Hara's ghost who runs the Ken Bolton Franchise, in New York:

(Quote from a review of John Tranter's poetry in the Sydney Morning Herald, December 2010)


Laurie Duggan said...

That newspaper piece sounds strangely familiar

Laurie Duggan said...

Actually I remember one of our prematurely middle-aged young critics referring to poems written in the Tranter Method. It sounded like some odd form of contraception.

michaelf said...

i havent read the review, but it seems the reviewer has forgotten what personism was referred to by ohara as being (as slippery as he was about it) - that it referred to the poem between two persons - ie one being addressed - lucky pierre style - i dont know what that means but somebody does - not a poem full of persons as another kind of ohara poem is .. this is something ken b does .. i dont see tranter as doing either

michaelf said...

this review appears to misrepresent personism. it doesnt mean poems full of persons but a poem between persons .. o'hara does both, bolton does one of these, & tranter - it seems to me - does neither