Home & Away
A Trans-Tasman Poetry Symposium

In Sydney at
University of Technology & University of Sydney
1-3 September 2010

Participating poets and thinkers:
Miro Bilbrough, Ken Bolton, Pam Brown, Michelle Cahill, Janet Charman, Jen Crawford, Martin Edmond, Michael Farrell, Brian Flaherty, Martin Harrison, Jeffrey Paparoa Holman, David Howard, Cath Kenneally, Jill Jones, Michele Leggott, Kate Lilley, Selina Tusitala Marsh, Peter Minter, John Newton, Vivienne Plumb, Chris Price, Nigel Roberts, Jack Ross, Lisa Samuels, Amanda Stewart, Helen Sword, John Tranter, Ann Vickery, Adrian Wiggins,
Mark Young

For further information, locations and the program
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pb said...

Dear Smita,
The readings were organised some time ago. If you look at the program you'll see that there will be two readings at 7pm at Univ of Sydney, 1st Sept and 7pm at UTS, 2nd Sept.

But please come along. There is time for discussion after every presentation during the days.

All the best

susan said...

Oh how funny! My credit card got blocked, they forgot to tell me about it, and I got lots of empty carts out of it! aloha, sms