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Identity is dead. The 21st-century subject is an unstable fiction with no identifiable features or group affiliations. He’s a man without inherent qualities, a post-human ideal. But those who have long been hailed as Other exist in a different relation to this ideal. Unlike those traditionally self-possessed |s, these Others may find themselves split between a yearning to be contemporary and unqualified, and longing for a continued allegiance to their qualitative, albeit constructed, group identity.

It is with an awareness of this more ambiguous and refined notion of self that 'Feminaissance' approaches questions of femininity and its relation to writing. Topics include: collectivity; feminine écriture; the politics of writing; text and voice; the body as a site of contestation, insurgence and pleasure; race and writing; gender as performance; writing about other women writers; economic inequities; Hélène Cixous; monstrosity; madness; and aesthetics.

If the fact that “women do not say ‘We’” was one of the constitutive problems for 20th century feminism, the fact that women do and still clearly feel the need to say “We” is just as rich and interesting a topic for feminism today. The writings gathered here prove feminism to be alive and more relevant to all genders than ever: not just because feminist discourse remains a political necessity, but because of its artistic and intellectual pleasures. –Sianne Ngai

Contributors: Dodie Bellamy, Caroline Bergvall, Meiling Cheng,Wanda Coleman, Bhanu Kapil, Chris Kraus, Susan McCabe, Tracie Morris, Eileen Myles, Maggie Nelson, Juliana Spahr, Vanessa Place, Christine Wertheim, Stephanie Young, Lidia Yuknavitch

Published by Les Figues Press - further info here


Paul said...

That one sounds supercool and I love the cover, but 'the more info' link isn't working, Pam.

pb said...

thanks Paul,

Jill Jones said...

Sounds like a goody. Thanks for the heads up. Chiz frm Adders

pb said...

Hi Jill,

I've read just over half the book so far. It's a rich mix. It's essential - pardon the pun.

Interesting layout too.

Some of the issues about gender that were hinted at (can't say 'discussed' because it all fell apart so rapidly) in the lyrical poetry blogposts are addressed here - but there's much more too.