Anonymous said...

Ms Brown! I looked in the mirror this morning and I thought I saw you! Railing against the literary establishment (that's you), self-publishing (just like you did), calling for a revolution (just like you did), reinvigorating the art of poetry by introducing new ideas and eschewing brown nosing for career advantage (just like you did). The Radical Opposition in Australian Poetry Lives! I am going to have an interview in the Overland Blog soon and it would be a career highlight for me if you would drop a tiny short comment there but maybe that's too much ask? Anyway, thanks to you and John and Laurie and Bob, you did a great job and I have dedicated my life to keeping the spirit alive. Rage on, I say!

pb said...

I never called for a revolution Paul,
that would mean going round in circles

I'll look out for your Overland appearance


Anonymous said...

You never called for a revolution? Why not? What was the politics of 'the radical opposition' then? Gentle reform?