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I'll be participating in the post-show forum
8pm Saturday 9th May
245 Wilson St
02 8571 9099
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Thursday May 21st at 2.30pm - Bangarra Mezzanine, The Wharf

Book launch : Harbour City Poems published by Puncher & Wattmann, edited by Martin Langford, is an anthology of poems either about Sydney, or which have had their sources in the life of the city. It is an historical anthology, incorporating poems from the earliest convict days through to the present. This reading explores the way we have thought about Sydney, from the anxieties and puzzlement of Botany Bay through to the tensions and delights of the contemporary city. The historical poems - some famous, some not so well-known - will be read by actors, followed by a reading of contemporary poems by their authors John Tranter, Adam Aitken, Paul Dawson, Kate Lilley and Pam Brown

Thursday May 21st at 4pm - Bangarra Theatre, The Wharf

Book launch : Motherlode published by Puncher & Wattmann, edited by Jennifer Harrison and Kate Waterhouse, is the first major collection of Australian women’s poetry in over a decade. It reads as a modern narrative rather than 160 individual poems, from poets including Judith Wright, Dorothy Hewett, Oodgeroo Noonuccal, Judith Beveridge, Bronwyn Lea and others. Twelve Sydney poets will read about contemporary identity - in relation to mothers, grandmothers, children and the world. 'Motherlode' traverses nature, iconography, pregnancy, birth, childlessness, loss, daily grind, politics and ageing, with edge and intelligence. Launched by retired academic Elizabeth Webby.

Sunday May 24th at 2.30pm - Bangarra Mezzanine, The Wharf

Metaphors of Space : An architectural display and poetry reading that blends the narratives of sustainable, urban and indigenous interpretations of home and public space. Convened by Chris L. Smith from the University of Sydney, who will speak about ‘Autopoiesis: Poetries and Architectures’, it features the work of several young emerging architects. There are cameo readings by David Musgrave, Elizabeth Hodgson, Peter Boyle, Pam Brown and Andy Quan.

This spatial reading event is presented by Mascara Poetry, City of Sydney and MCHP Architects

To see a list of poets participating in this year's Sydney Writers’ Circus click here

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