Congratulations Tim

The latest issue of overland includes some terrific poetry thanks to the energised selections (poems by Stuart Cooke, Trisha Pender, Chris Brown, Berndt Sellheim, Jessica Tyrell, Michelle Cahill and others) of the recently appointed (well, last year) poetry editor, Keri Glastonbury, plus there is the wonderful PRIZE WINNING (do italics still signify irony?) poem emoticon by Tim Wright. The prize was awarded to him last weekend in this funny looking building in St Kilda, Melbourne. It's a poetry centre.


Anonymous said...

Overland is looking beautiful these days and Keri is doing a fantastic job under the most difficult of circumstances. I hate to be impertinent but I have one last quick question, Ms Brown which will save me a lot of hours in research. In your bio you say you consider yourself part of the 'radical opposition' in Australian Poetry. May I ask what it is (or was) that you are in radical opposition to?

pb said...

May be better if you do the hours of research Paul, it would take me hours to respond properly.

Good starting point though might be 'Amnesiac Recoveries' - the second poem in my recent book 'True Thoughts'.

Anonymous said...

Oh thankyou. I shall look that one up. I am thinking of writing an unauthorised biography of contemporary Australian poetry. I will call it "The Weaker Things Get Repeated." from the quote by Robert Adamson. A good history could make things a little easier for the next generation.
Thanks for your time and energy, Pam Brown, you rock!

pb said...

Paul, these short communications with you have made me appreciate one of the things about the web. If you have a blog that allows unrestricted comments you can be reached by anyone who visits your blog and it’s so easy for them to do so.

When I was in a ‘next generation’ in the dark ages of the late 60s/early 70s, the earlier generations of poets were generally inaccessible to me. I couldn’t tell them whether they ‘rocked’ or didn’t. (I don’t remember wanting to, I didn’t think they owed me anything.)
I suppose some of them would have been in the telephone directory but I just read their poetry and worked out what I wanted to read or think about as I went along.

I don’t know what Bob Adamson meant by ‘the weaker things just get repeated’ - was he talking to himself ?

Hard to write the unauthorised biographies of over a thousand poets - but best of luck with them anyway.

genevieve said...

Hello Pam,

that odd looking building is called Glenfern, is classified and belonged to the Boyds once upon a time I think - either them, or the a Becketts from whom Arthur et cetera sprang forth.
And yes, at present it is the Poetry Centre, shared with a team of pianists, for god's sake.