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Wendy Saddington live in concert at radio 2 DoubleJay
in Sydney in 1976 on audio cassette.

Wendy Saddington and The Copperwine on 33rpm vinyl record.

Watch Wendy Saddington on YouTube

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peter maloney said...

hello pam
im new to this so forgive me if this post has been ed wrongly.
i am very interested in yr cassette recording of wendy saddington..i am a huge fan.I would love to negotiate a swap of some other wendy material i have on cd for a copy of yr cassette.is this possible?
i work in canberra at anu.
peter m.

pb said...

Dear Peter, hello,

Yes that's possible
You can email me about it


Unknown said...

Pam this is really a great blog, I confess I haven't been blogging or blog responding regularly, so this is the first time I've really looked.I saw Henry Rollins perform here in Rochester about a month ago - I thought of Laurie and of you, too, mostly because of the energy the man has and the refusal to dissemble politically. And I thought you might agree and/or disagree with a lot of what Rollins said and I's be interested in why.

It is great to see you blogging.

Best wishes