November 30, 2007
Edited by By Eileen Tabios

Galatea Resurrects (A Poetry Engagement) is pleased to release its Eighth Issue with 64 new reviews/engagements including Pam Brown on John Tranter’s Urban Myths : 210 Poems, Peter Minter’s blue grass and Philip Hammial’s Voodoo Realities

Red Room Radio, the audio branch of The Red Room Company, profiles contemporary Australian poetry and poets through interviews, readings and spoken adventures.
In December 2007, a New and Selected Summer Series will be broadcast over the Community Radio Network. Individual shows will include an interview between Johanna Featherstone and the poet, plus poets’ readings. The profiled poets include Pam Brown, Adam Aitken, Claire Potter, Ella Holcombe, JS Harry, Emily Ballou, Jane Gibian and Jaya Savige.

Beginning 4th December 2007 from 6.04 pm (EST) Red Room Radio will be broadcast via the Community Radio Network on Tuesdays. Phone 02 9310 2999 for more information on how to receive this broadcast.

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