Dry tropics

every minute counts

four lines a day
snap frozen


Lorine Niedecker,
what would she have to say
(‘pick up that bucket’)


my brief career
as a shopkeeper

my new life
tending the demented


exit gaps stuffed
with strips of newspaper
against the western chill

‘chill factor’
has become
‘feels like’


in a pastoral
blackened eucalypts
might dance

for me, it’s useless
a treeless plain,
then describing it

continually changing landscapes
are way too much

sickly yellowing weeds,
bogged gullies,
cracking surfaces

ruining pristine reefs
and so on


the wind gusts furiously,
the verandah lattice
blown from its frame

like living
in a light house

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

raise the blinds
turn up
that medina music,
start keening now


Twenty+ Ways to Teach Poetry
Without Comprehension Questions


Tristan Tzara
To Make A Dadaist Poem

preparations for the poetry class


dinner out
at the Renee Geyer cabaret,
neon turning blonde hair pink

warm cocktails
in a harbour bar
the old beauty
of an autumn evening


in a gadda da vida
and other stormy music


a million droplets,


world gone somewhere,
dry tropics


in Bangalow
revisiting the site
of my truck crash

a new shop
has been built
in the ditch


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