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                  Jacket 33
     Guest editor (myself) Pam Brown

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*Gordon Ball: Unknown Collaborators:
photos from the world of Allen Ginsberg
and his many friends among the Beats,
from 1969 to Ginsberg's death in 1997

*Humor in Poetry: The Dangerfield Conundrum:
A Roundtable on Humor in Poetry -
80 pages of discussion from 200 pages of postings
to the HumPo List edited by
Rachel Loden and K. Silem Mohammad,
and featuring:

George Bowering, Maxine Chernoff
Katie Degentesh, Gabriel Gudding
Rachel Loden, Ange Mlinko
K. Silem Mohammad, D. A. Powell
Ron Silliman, Gary Sullivan

The Dangerfield Files, edited by Rachel Loden:
poems from the HumPo List:

Rachel Loden: Introduction
George Bowering, Maxine Chernoff
Gabriel Gudding, Rachel Loden
Ange Mlinko, K. Silem Mohammad
D. A. Powell,Ron Silliman
Gary Sullivan

*Mark Weiss: José Martí: "José Julián Martí y Pérez (1853-1895) may not
be unique as a political poet-martyr (one thinks of Byron and Lorca),
but he must have been one of the most politically involved. The very
model of the committed artist, he was 42 when he died in one of the first
engagements of the second Cuban War of Independence, of which he had
been chief propagandist and one of the principal planners. He had spent
his entire adult life in exile, chiefly in Mexico City and New York."

*Pieces on "Pieces of Air in the Epic", by Brenda Hillman: Barbara
Claire Freeman, Editor.

"The generic convention of the book review is monologic; however
nuanced and subtle, the constraints of the form typically allow the
inclusion of only one perspective. This collection of short texts on
the poems in Brenda Hillman's Pieces of Air in the Epic intends first,
to present a kind of collective 'book review,' that is, a form of writing
about poems that demands a plurality of individual voices; and second, to
provide a forum in which poets respond to and explore a particular poem."
- Barbara Claire Freeman

Introduction, by Barbara Claire Freeman
Marjorie Welish,Graham Foust,Evie Shockley
C.D. Wright,Forrest Gander,Carol Snow
Robert Hass,Michael Davidson,Claudia Keelan
Robert Kaufman,Norma Cole,Marjorie Perloff
Geoffrey G.O'Brien,Juliana Spahr,Calvin Bedient
Reginald Shepherd,Cole Swensen,Elizabeth Robinson
Nathaniel Tarn,Bin Ramke,Donald Revell
Patricia Dienstfrey,Michael Palmer

: : : : : Reviews : : : : :

Adam Aitken: "The Accidental Cage" by Michelle Cahill

Stan Apps: "Folly", by Nada Gordon.

Stan Apps: "My Angie Dickinson", by Michael Magee

Cynthia Arrieu-King: "The Man Suit" by Zachary Schomburg

Bridget Brooklyn: "Passion", by Brane Mozetic, translated by Tamara

Andrew J. Browne: "Don't Ever Get Famous: Essays on New York Writing
after the New York School", edited by Daniel Kane.

Stephen Cope: "City Eclogue" by Ed Roberson

Penelope Cray: "The Wanton Sublime:A Florilegium of Whethers and
Wonders" by Anna Rabinowitz

Mark Dickinson: "Leaves of Field": with "Open Woods" and "Moving
Woods".by Peter Larkin

Patrick James Dunagan: "Remembering Joel Oppenheimer" by Robert

Martin Duwell: "Sugar Hits" by Philip Hammial

Michael Farrell: "Phosphorescence" by Graeme Miles

Cliff Fell: Eliot Weinberger, "What happened here" (second edition) and
"Muhammad", both published by Verso, 2006.

Norbert Francis: Tosa Motokiyu (edited by Kent Johnson and Javier
Alvarez). "Also, With My Throat, I Shall Swallow Ten Thousand Swords:
Araki Yasusada's Letters in English"

Noah Eli Gordon and Erik Anderson: Conversational Noise: Some Talk on
"Some Notes on My Programming", by Anselm Berrigan

Anne Heide: "hidde violeth i dde violet", by Kathleen Fraser

Cole Heinowitz: "Exchanges of Earth and Sky", by Jack Collom

Tom Hibbard: "Somebody Blew Up America and Other Poems"
by Amiri Baraka

Ben Hickman: "Remnants of Hannah" by Dara Wier

Carlos Hiraldo: "Unprotected Texts: Selected Poems, 1978-2006" by
Thomas Beckett

Craig Johnson: "Poem for the End of Time and Other Poems" by Noelle

Paul Kahn: "I Was Blown Back", by Norman Fischer

Carl Kelleher: "Shake" by Joshua Beckman

Jake Kennedy: "The Men" by Lisa Robertson

Marc Kipniss: "The Bird Hoverer", by Aaron Belz

Louise Landes Levi: "Sunswumthru a Building", by Bob Arnold

Michelle Mahoney: "The Pajamaist", by Matthew Zapruder

Jill M. Neziri: "Forth a Raven", by Christina Davis

Michael Quattrone: "Overnight", by Paul Violi

Dr Mark Seton: "The Kamikaze Mind", by Richard James Allen

Rob Stanton: "A panic that can still come upon me" by Peter Gizzi

Paul Stephens: "The External Combustion Engine" by Michael Ives

James Stuart: "From Now" by Johanna Drucker

Ezra Tessler: "The Stamp of Class: Reflections on Poetry and Social
Class" by Gary Lenhart

Dan Thomas-Glass: "Girly Man" and "World on Fire", both by Charles

Marjorie Welish: "The Totality for Kids", by Joshua Clover

: : : : : Interviews : : : : :

*Kathleen Fraser in conversation with Sarah Rosenthal, 2007:
"SR: Silence has been a central trope in your writing since early on.
It carries a range of meanings, from erasure to grief and loss to the
spaciousness of an open field. Perhaps we could trace some of the ways in
which silence has come up in your work over time."

*George Bowering in conversation with Rachel Loden:
Like a Radio in the Dark: An Email Interview, 2007

*Alison Knowles in conversation with Elizabeth-Jane Burnett,
September 2006. Alison Knowles is a visual artist known for her
soundworks,installations, performances, publications and association
with Fluxus, the experimental avant-garde group formally founded
in 1962.

*Eleni Sikelianos, author of The California Poem,
in conversation with Jesse Morse

*Catherine Wagner in conversation with Nathan Smith, 13 April 2007

: : : : : Articles : : : : :

*James Wallenstein: Ninnies and the Critics: "A Nest of Ninnies" by John
Ashbery and James Schuyler

*Geoffrey Cruickshank- Hagenbuckle with Alexander Nouvel: ZAP!
(Zukofsky, Apollinaire, and the X Men)

*Vernon Frazer and Kirpal Gordon:
Who We Are Now: A Retrospective of Michael Rothenberg

*Aram Saroyan: Contretemps: A Minimalist Parable

: : : : : Poems : : : : :

Mary Jo Bang: Three poems

Ken Bolton: Three poems: An Australian Suburban Garden;
EUROPE; For various movie directors

Michelle Cahill: Three poems: The Accidental Cage; Manhattan; Poppies

Justin Clemens: "The Mundiad", Book IV

Kelvin Corcoran: Three poems from 'Ulysses in the Car'

Alfred Corn: Two poems: Page and Cave; Trunk Show

Wystan Curnow: poem: Max

Norman Fischer: Formal Terms

Robert Gibbons: Two poems: That Internal World; At the End of Writing

Anna Gibbs: Culpable Blindness

John Hennessy: Coney Island Pilgrims

Katia Kapovich: Two poems: To Whom It May Concern; The Seventh String

Burt Kimmelman: Two poems: House, Normandy; Crumbs upon the Table

Rachel Loden: Three poems: Props to the Twentieth Century; Dick of the
Dead; The Pure of Heart, Those Murderers

Rupert Loydell: Two poems: The Secret Life of Mist; The Secret Life of

Norman MacAfee: I Am Astro Place

Mark Mordue: Things That Year

John Muckle: Three Poems: Elizabeth Bishop; Nothing Wrong; Cyclomotors

Marc Nasdor: Five poems

Simon Robb: Excerpt from "Jane Fonda's Temple of Literature"

Sam Sampson: Three poems: The Ship Beautiful; Reel; Diagram

Don Share: On being philosophical

Jaya Savige: Two poems

Mark Schafer translates five poems by David Huerta

Jeffrey Side: Extracts from "Carrier of the Seed"

Stephen Sturgeon: Two poems: Friday; Fired

Paul Violi: Finish These Sentences

Jacket 33

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