Three photos

Unpacking my photos I find lots from France but I especially like these three.

                                        Resnais dreaming

In Brittany

dark grey granite houses
tuck low into the landscape
like rocks
darker hedgerows protect them
from the winds we walk into
along the coast

small red tractors
plough patches of pink soil,
across the narrow road
eschallots burst
from black plastic groundstrips

this is the kind of place
you’d locate a film
but not live in,
Godard made one here
but none of us
remembers it

bleached & tufted grasses conceal
the purple thistle
on the windswept bank
above a glinting choppy bay

a group of hikers
singing loudly
strides by
just outside the house

& here comes Daniel,
with a wicker basket
of saltwater prawns -
back from fishing in the rocks

some of the last beret-wearers
of the 21st century
are on their knees
weeding their fields

at sunset
the rye field blurs
like double vision

                                        Godard dreaming

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