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In case you thought The Deletions was merely an apolitical lifestyle-and-entertainment aperçu into a blissfully apathetic and placid cyber resort then I should let you know, right now, that it isn't. In a small bloggy way I am looking to represent the cultural activities of my own community of friends and acquaintances whose projects give positive examples of how to continue all kinds of art practice in the face of dark times.

A digital video that is a critique of power, meaning and subtext in the language of global politics in this era of permanent war is Kate Richards and Sarah Waterson's project subscapePROOF.
Installed at ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image) in Melbourne last year, it is now showing at d>art 6. Viewed via a periscope this is an experience which concentrates your focus and limits distraction as you, the audience, enter a multi-layered digital subtext.
'sub_scapePROOF' critiques the notion of evidential, superficial 'truth' in a post-faith age. By mapping philosophy and corporate data back onto the language of superpower politics and western, pathological tropes of fear and anxiety, 'sub_scapePROOF' generates a playful and ironic critique on the traditional politics and power dynamics of knowledge-through-mapping.
By playing on the emergent aesthetic and sense-making behaviours of the datasets, by using the dynamics of turbulence, balance, recursive effect and pattern formation in the data, sub_scapePROOF transmits an affect of 'truth' more baroque than Cartesian, and 'meaning' more symbolic than fixed.
The piece uses my own poem 'Every American Wins A Prize'.

when: wednesday april 12, 7 pm
at: the Studio, Sydney Opera House
what: "sub_scapePROOF - a machinima"

This is a 5 minute video output, recorded from Kate and Sarah's software project
sub_scapePROOF. You can view it in process at the sites -


Kate Richards is currently in residency, with Martyn Coutts and computer programmer Jon Drummond, to spend the month of April working on a project called Unidentified Industrial Accident at the Performance Space in Redfern, Sydney.

Multi media artist Kurt Brereton is having a small solo show
of some selected works from The Vanuatu and Chronography series

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