In Australia, we're talking about

Immigration Minister, Amanda Vanstone, Attorney General, Philip 'Mr. Burns' Ruddock by Paul Batey

In Australia as the government moves so far to the right of what was once right that they now believe they're dead right, we're talking about the Foreign Minister ticking off politicians in the Solomon Islands, about North Korea, about Indonesia, about a national education curriculum to save us from pinko red lefty ideologues and we're talking about state-sanctioned racism in the form of English language tests for migrants (the revenants of the White Australia Policy still haunt us)

Sydney-based Sylvia Lawson writes essays, journalism and fiction. Her most recent book is The Outside Story (Hardie Grant, 2003), a novel centred on the contested history of the Sydney Opera House.The Archibald Paradox her multi-award-winning study of the early Sydney Bulletin and its first editor, is out in a new edition from The Miegunyah Press.
She has written an article on this current issue for The New Matilda in agreeable response to an earlier article by Emma Dawson.

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