Cambridge Experimental Women's Poetry Festival

Cambridge University, UK - October 2006
Organizer: Emily Critchley

The CEWPF feature brings you video documentation of readings and talks by:

Andrea Brady, Lisa Samuels, Kathleen Fraser, Susan M. Schultz, Rod Mengham,Susana Gardner, Geraldine Monk, Peter Middleton, Redell Olsen, Carol Mirakove, Keith Tuma & Justin Katko, Marianne Morris, Tom Raworth, Catherine Wagner, Coupons+Coupons, Camille PB, Kai Fierle-Hedrick, Kristen Kreider,Tim Atkins, Ken Edwards, Wendy Mulford, Peter Manson, Maggie O'Sullivan,Caroline Bergvall, Leslie Scalapino and Lucy Sheerman.

For more further documentation of the Festival, please visit the Archive of the Now and HOW2

Unpacking my posters I found this one screenprinted by
Ken Bolton in 1979 or 1980 for the Wollongong Poets’ Union reading series. It was printed at Coalcliff, on recycled matrix computer paper provided by Leigh Stokes (then of
Wollongong uni). It’s a beauty.

click on image to enlarge

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