You are invited to celebrate
a new poetry collection


to be launched by

Sunday 28th April

Parkview Hotel
corner Mitchell Road & Harley Street

everyone welcome

Home by Dark is published by Shearsman Books
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How to get to Parkview Hotel
Mitchell & Harley, Alexandria
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Pam Brown's work is fearless, acutely observant, witty and wry. She delights in the curiosities of the the everyday, in notational sprezzatura, in the penetrating encapsulation of layers of time, chance and meaning with her twists of lexicon, diction and line break. This is a work of quotidian consternation, breaking through from irony to sheer fondness and painful shadows. She sees askew - and Home by Dark has its own poignant look at decades, bodies, and changes. Pam Brown is a wonderful writer, one of the scintillating wizards of Oz poetry.
                                              Rachel Blau DuPlessis


Pam Brown's Home by Dark is plainly beautiful: a subtle, moody daybook, warding off darkness and 'counter-revolutionary' boredom. Brown's engaged intelligence and light touch draws us into the flows and eddies of 'a poetry world' where 'everything is providential,/or not'. Reserved and intimate, swift and immersive, these poems are 'right here', in the midst of precarity: 'strike another match, go start anew'.
                                                                                                     Kate Lilley

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