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I'm going to Apollinairesville for a week or so

My wineglass splits its sides with laughter

Le dromadaire
Avec ses quatres dromadiares
Don Pedro d'Alfaroubeira
Courut le monde et l'admira.
Il fit ce que je voudrais faire
Si j'avais quatres dromadaires.

The dromedary
With his four dromedaries
Don Pedro d'Alfarubeyra
Traveled the world and marvelled.
He did what I would do,
If I had four dromedaries.

On the seventh day I rest
I laud laziness


At 10:11 PM , Blogger Martin Edmond said...

Je ne veus pas traivailler je veux fumer

At 5:38 PM , Blogger pb said...

Martin, I've used that line in my imminent new poetry collection. In English.


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