Clouds of Reactionary Populism

     I Ain't Got Nobody sung backwards in cement. Whisper
     next chorus, remove make-up, fall into leaves. All was
     shimmering (by default). Step up to the platform of
     full self-consciousness, rise perfectly to zero.

I'm re-reading Sadly by William Fuller


Paul said...

'reactionary populism.' I've seen that phrase around a few times. It seems to me elitism (writing for a tiny educated white upper middle class) would be reactionary and populism (writing for as many readers without dumbing down as possible) would be democratising? I know the history of the left and literature has been toward experimentalism but history is full of oddnesses. Did you like my interview, Ms Brown?

PB said...

Where is that interview?

Paul said...

It's in the Overland blog. I will make a link for you - Paul Squires interviewed in the Overland Blog (click here) Thanks for your interest. I am holding my breath. I hope you like it. And my answers to Keri's interesting comment.

PB said...

I've read your interview Paul and now, for me, you are less of a cyborg and more of a personality, but I doubt that was your intended effect.

I have to say that I see the terms 'aesthetics' and 'poetics' as incomparable and not exchangeable at all. They are separate terms - you can have 'aesthetic poetics' though.

Also not sure what you mean by 'this ekphrastic age' - doesn't have to be, does it?

It's great that you have had so many terrific responses. You must be feeling very pleased.

Best wishes from me too

PB said...

Paul, hi again.
I'll post that on the overland blog. Give it context.

Paul said...

Thankyou. I appreciate you taking the time and the trouble. The discussion could go on forever (and I would enjoy that greatly) but then we would get accused of all sorts of things, picking fights, hogging the limelight and so forth. But I hope we meet again, Ms Brown, it's been fun.