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Before & After - Place Riopelle, Montréal getting all steamed up

I am currently reading poetry two or three times a day (and night) in Trois-Rivières, Qu├ębec. I will be reading in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania next weekend on Sunday, October 19th. Anyone who`ll be in Philadelphia please click here for further info.

         Hotel window - en l`automne, le simulacrum est fermé pour la saison
         to ``riff`` on Susan Howe, as the US poets might say.


At 10:48 AM , Anonymous Ralph said...

Pam, ca semble marveilleux. J'ai rencontre Philip Hammial au festival "Anglo-French Poetry Festival" a Melbourne ce week-end, il m'a dit que tu etais au Canada. Il m'a aussi dit que c'etait probablement le meilleur festival de poesie qu'il ait vu.

At 1:54 AM , Blogger PB said...

Hi Ralph,
It was a busy time for poetry up there.Jill Jones has also participated (she was there last year).

Onto Philadelphia tomorrow, hence my increasing use of Anglais.

All the best,

At 9:14 PM , Anonymous Ralph said...

Hello Pam,

And Les Wicks, two or three years back?

I have the advantage of you in that I'm working with a couple of young French trainees at present [my own French is very basic].

Enjoy Philadelphia.

Cheers, Ralph


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