An incredibly various, eclectic group of Australian poets who might often differ in practice and thinking are here translated into Mandarin by Song Jijiang, Debby Sou Vai Keng and Iris Fan Xing. Edited into an anthology by Australian expatriate poet, editor, and academic in Macao, Kit Kelen, who was ably assisted by Song Zijiang. Cover drawing by Carol Archer. Published by ASM Poetry, Macao.

Adam Aitken : John Bennett : Pam Brown : Anna Couani Rae Desmond Jones : Carol Jenkins : Kit Kelen : S. K. Kelen : Andy Kissane : Martin Langford : Myron Lysenko : Chris Mansell : John Mateer : Ron Pretty : Clive Ralfe : Philip Salom : Beth Spencer : James Stuart : John Tranter : Chris Wallace-Crabbe : Les Wicks : Song Zijiang

A pocket size (10 x 13cm) book of poems by Rae Jones, published by Cerberus and ASM Poetry, Macao

Rae Desmond Jones was born in the mining town of Broken Hill, in western New South Wales. He migrated to Sydney at the age of 17, but still maintains contact with his origins. He published number of books of poetry through the 1970s, and several novels in the 1990s. After becoming Mayor of the inner Sydney Council of Ashfield (& retiring in 2007), he published ‘Blow Out’, a further book of poems in 2009. He has a family of two sons and a daughter. Barring a resurgence of irritation with the holders of municipal power, he wants to devote the rest of his life to literature, so long as literature is as keen on him as he is on her.

Kit Kelen’s new and selected collection ‘China Years’ also published by ASM Poetry, Macao

                                Christopher (Kit) Kelen

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