A Digital Bridge for Auckland and Sydney, 2010

The New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre (nzepc) is pleased to
announce the completion of its trans Tasman digital bridge project.

We invited contributions to build a digital bridge between Auckland
and Sydney as poetry symposiums took place in each city March and
September 2010. In June the first part of the bridge was launched:
50-plus creative contributions, a collaborative digital poem, audio
talks and photos from the Auckland symposium.
Now the Sydney sidelaunches with 60 creative contributions, a complementary digital collaboration, more audio talks, video readings, photos, and texts of papers and commentary. We present here the multiple traces (text, audio, visuals, poetry, prose) of the year’s trans Tasman exchanges, noting how often the roles of host and guest have flip-flopped, and hoping that they will go on doing so as we move between each other’s reading and writing spaces.

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Pam Brown, Martin Edmond, Brian Flaherty and Michele Leggott

The New Zealand Electronic Poetry Centre (nzepc) at the University of
Auckland is an electronic gateway to poetry resources in New Zealand
and the Pacific region. It is coordinated by Michele Leggott and Brian
Flaherty with the support of representatives from the University of
Auckland Library, Auckland University Press and the Faculty of Arts.
Information: m.leggott@auckland.ac.nz

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