Gary Sullivan, self-described poet, cartoonist, loudmouth is the creator of a comic strip called Elsewhere. Three copies of this funny, fascinating, off-beat comic that I’d ordered, arrived in the mail
yesterday and I read them, cover-to-cover straightaway. I highly recommend these amazing light-hearted, funny and witty, intelligibly critical, poetic and personal comic books.

Elsewhere No 2 is a collaboration with poet Nada Gordon. It's 24 pages of multi-cultural images drawn from a walk up Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn. The comic's text is by Nada Gordon, modelled on Frank O'Hara's Second Avenue and written from notes taken on a bus trip down Coney Island Avenue in the opposite direction. As the song says, it's 'a great big melting pot' and it's wonderful too.

Gary Sullivan also has a nicely-illustrated essay in progress about Joe Brainard’s one-off collaboration with the poet Robert Creeley called Class of ‘47 on his blog, also called Elsewhere.You can order copies of the comics there as well.

                              Joe Brainard Self Portrait 1972

                              Robert Creeley strip by Gary Sullivan

                               Gary Sullivan (foto : Nada Gordon)

Gary is a participant in the Humpo feature edited by Rachel Loden and K.Silem Mohammad in the issue I’ve recently edited of Jacket magazine.

remember, dear visitors to the deletions, that you can simply click on the images, especially ones like the comic strip, to see larger size versions

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