In Blackheath

What to do on a rainy Saturday night in Blackheath? Stroll across to one of the pubs on the highway and meet up with friends. Some fresh from a rivetting, brain-stretching couple of hours at the Blackheath Philosophy Forum and a poet, Tim Thorne, visiting from Launceston, Tasmania. All anyway ready for a glass of wine, a quick dinner and all flush with tickets to a concert in the Blackheath Community Centre, the veritable hub of the town.

The Spooky Men’s Chorale is an amazingly ‘different’ kind of acappella singing group. No dinner suits here, no kitschy chintz and no spiritual agenda. It is a group of sixteen very talented modern Mountain Men who perform with wit, aplomb and in great voice. From their own blurb they are a ruthless bunch of larrikins based in the Blue Mountains. The Spooky Men strike while the irony is hot.

            The Spooky Men's Chorale, Blackheath, 16th June 07 (fotos: Trish Davies)

                               Spooky Men in Canberra (foto: Andy Cranston)

The Kazakhstan Kowgerls from Tasmania, were in Blackheath as part of their Hit the Rode Yak tour of the Blue Mountains. Their music is a mixture of open-throat singing, country and western (but no yodelling) and as someone remarked, they’re kind of like The-Kransky-Sisters-Meet-The-Leningrad-Cowboys. Very satirical.

                  Kazakhstan Kowgerls, Blackheath, 16th June 07 (fotos: Trish Davies)

                               Together in Tassie 2006 (foto: Sarah Delaney)

And on Sunday morning call in at the recently opened (only three months ago) Hat Hill Gallery to see the current show of paintings by Christine Townend and a wonderful collection of photos of 1920s Australian theatre, recently acquired by gallery co-director, Viken Minassian.

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Kerry Kirk said...

Dear Pam,

Thanks so much for the beautiful snow photos. We'd like to add them to our web-site
if we have your permission to use them.

We only took one shot ourselves when we went out with the dogs at about 7am - the
digital camera wasn't charged so one was all the energy capability it had. Met Gerhard from Cafe Memento in the park with his dog. We built a giant snowman using his masterful German snow-rolling technique and Channel 7 cameramen came along and filmed us, the snowman and the dogs together. (Saw ourselves on Channel 7 and SBS news last night - same footage on both.) I enjoyed seeing lots of little remnant snowmen dotted around Blackheath this morning. I'm hoping we'll get another drop during the Winter Magic Festival - that would make it extra magical and draw the crowds!

We acquired a new e-mail address with our web-site: info@hathillgallery.com.au. By the way, I sent you this message last Thursday (20th June) but it bounced back on Wednesday, 25th June). Is p.brown@yahoo.com still an operational address?

All the very best,

Kerry Kirk
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