Why is Michael Farrell grinning ?
Does he know about Van Gogh's Ear ?

                                 Michael Farrell (foto Nandi Chinna)

Melbourne poet, Michael Farrell has just published Break Me Ouch an A4 sized book of poetry comics . It's nutty, witty, funny and occasionally thoughtful too.

It's published by
3 Deep Publishing

Van Gogh's Ear 5: The Celebrity Edition

Van Gogh's Ear is an international anthology series based in Paris, France and published in conjunction with Allen Ginsberg's Committee on Poetry in New York City. Since its début in 2002, Van Gogh's Ear has gained considerable acclaim for its eclecticism and publishing such legends as Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Yoko Ono, Tony Curtis, Xaviera Hollander, Charles Manson, and a great many more, alongside renowned poets, novelists, political activists, and never-before-heard voices from every walk of life in all parts of the world. Van Gogh's Ear is distributed in the United States, Canada, Europe, South Africa, and Australia.

The editor, Ian Ayres, describes the new issue : Van Gogh's Ear: The Celebrity Edition, which is volume 5, celebrates art, poetry, and the ultimate sex goddess of the 20th century, Marilyn Monroe. There's a one-act play by Joyce Carol Oates that brings to life Marilyn's posing for the nude calendar shot, new insights from Marilyn biographer Sarah Churchwell, plus never-before-revealed Marilyn memories by her personal masseur, Ralph Roberts, friend John Gilmore, and others who actually knew her. More exciting highlights are memoirs by movie stars and celebrities such as Tony Curtis, Mamie Van Doren, Sylvia Miles, and Xaviera Hollander. Not to mention the many renowned poets, novelists, cultural icons and political activists also included in this truly international collection with contributors from Australia, India, Dubai, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Canada, the USA, Ireland, England, France, Holland, Germany, Finland, Serbia, etc. Volume 5 of Van Gogh's Ear addresses taboo, politics and the human condition from every walk of life. Plus there's a compelling letter from Patricia Nell Warren, author of best-selling novel The Front Runner , in which she warns about the negation of free speech and the rise of fascism in the USA. And a scan of a recent prison letter from Charles Manson, in which he expresses concern about what's happening to the planet, tells of how he's treated in prison, as well as how he feels about his fame and the exploitation of him in the music scene. Volume 5 is an odyssey through cultural landscapes, revealing more about our times than any internet news-source or guru ever has. Exhibiting paintings that honor the life and times of Marilyn Monroe by such artists as Demetrie Kabbaz, Werner Horvath, and Tony Curtis, this collection is a must for Marilyn fans everywhere. Due to nudes, however, along with explicit works by the world's most daring writers, i.e., the Marquis de Sade, a 'Parental Advisory' warning appears on the cover.

My copy was opened for inspection by Australian officials.

Featured Contributors:
Franklin Abbot Shane Allison Antler Jorge Artajo Joe Bacal
Dawn-Michelle Baude Barbara Beck Guy R. Beining
Kimberly Biggers Gojko Bozovic J. R. Brady Rolf Dieter Brinkman
Pam Brown Michael Brownstein Peter Cherney Sarah Churchwell
Billy Collins Dennis Cooper Barbara Costa Holly Crawford
Quentin Crisp Tony Curtis William Curtis Jen Dalton
Albert Flynn DeSilver DML Eduard Escoffet Landis Everson
Marcus Ewert Marilyn Yvonne Ford Serge Gainsbourg
Maureen Gallagher Johnny Gevalia John Gilmore John Giorno
Daphne Gottlieb Stephen Gray J. Kenneth Grider Andreas Gripp
Jane Hathaway Michael Hathaway Trebor Healey
Thomas M. Herndon Lynette S'phiwe Hlongwane
Xaviera Hollander Paul Hoover Werner Horvath Justice Howard
Gary Indiana Fred Johnston Demetrie Kabbaz Kit Kennedy
Romella D'Ore Kitchens John Kliphan Aki Lehtinen
Linda Lerner J. T. LeRoy Lyn Lifshin Jason Lynn Jayanta Mahapatra
Norman Mailer Charles Manson Lori A. May Ben Mazer
Gabrielle McIntire Sharon Mesmer Robin Metz Sylvia Miles
Peter Minter Pete Mullineaux Eileen Myles Thom Nickels
Joyce Carol Oates Ulick O'Connor Molly Peacock
Daniel Pendergrass Robert Peters Felice Picano Jane Piirto
Jennifer Pinard Wayne Ray Dee Rimbaud Ralph Roberts
Bob Rosenthal Lauren Russell Albert Russo Marquis de Sade
Aram Saroyan Richard Siken Mark Terrill Paul Trachtenberg
John Updike Mamie Van Doren Phillip Ward Patricia Nell Warren
Lewis Warsh Regina Weinreich Janean Williams A. D. Winans
Saint James Harris Wood Jeffrey Cyphers Wright Gerald Zipper

It's available from French Connection Press

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