'Allotments' - a new collection of 100 poems. Some are typically only two or three lines long. Laurie Duggan is a poet who spent thirty six years traversing an Australia he called 'Blue Hills'. He moved to Kent in the UK nearly a decade ago and began walking and photographing and notating his discoveries of 'England'. Not to be too obviously allusive (but it's irresistible) - these poems, like a mature garden patch in an allotment, are honed from years of poetic cultivation.

a frozen orange in the icebox
a disconnected battery
various items committed to memory sticks

Laurie's poems could function as usb drives - pocket-sized but absolutely crammed with a peculiar, intelligent, beautiful 'England' and with funny, whimsical and sardonic varieties of humour infusing the observations. At the launch in Sydney in December 2012, I said about 'The Collected Blue Hills' - 'The 'mundane' that Laurie Duggan writes into is rendered poetic through his quietly assiduous micro-focus.' The same holds for 'Allotments' and, as usual, there's not a word out of place.

For further information, including samples of the poems, and to buy a copy visit Shearsman Books here.

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