It’s Laurie Duggan week here on the deletions. His new book, a long poem chronicling his life in ‘East Kent & elsewhere’ during the year 2006 - 07, has just arrived in my letterbox. I’ve read much of this poem while it was in-progress, and from that I'd recommend it. I’m looking forward to reclining on the banana lounge under the cherry tree later this afternoon and reading it in published form.

’Crab & Winkle’ is a warped Shepherd's Calendar for the age of climate change: a journal of Australian poet Laurie Duggan's first year as a resident in England, it centres specifically on the area of East Kent where he lives, featuring excursions and interludes elsewhere in Britain, the Continent and North Africa. The book's title comes from an old railway route in the heart of Duggan's new territory.

It’s published by Shearsman Books
For further information or to order a copy visit this link

Plus : to read and engage with Laurie Duggan's response to the recently published 'Penguin Anthology of Australian Poetry' - click here

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